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A gritty, down to earth thriller, a real page turner. Ester Gray who is quintessentially English, was trained by the best, her father. Brought up under unusual circumstances, she is an expert in unarmed combat and survival. Her father also taught her morality, loyalty and determination. Her prodigy and partner is James, brought up in the drugs underworld by a drug addicted and abused mother. The two team up with the hardest that Newcastle upon Tyne has to offer, to secure the release of James’s mother and defeat the Romanian mafia in Britain. Physical skill, combined with intelligence and brute force against the most ruthlessness and violent gang in Britain.

Devil’s Orphans


After having read the first few pages, it took me another few days to go back to it. I was simply too scared. “Devil’s Orphans” is a macabre and chilling account of the dark side of human nature. You are left alone with all the pathologies of our modern society, with all those people without any sense of morality, who are totally destroyed and lost. The opening chapter is like an awakening slap in your face, there is no preparation, no anaesthesia - it all just happens right there starting with the first pages. The book sucks you in and you forget about the rest of the world around you.  The story unfolds quickly, characters are convincing, the plot is suspense-filled and the dialogues are witty. So if you are strong enough and have an appetite for real emotions, go for it!” (Anna)

“In the days of yesteryear this book would have been described as a “gripping yarn” and in today’s terminology it can be described as a “page turner” or an “on the edge of your seat read.” The “Devil’s Orphans” is all these things and more, it is in fact a murder mystery ‘par excellence’.  The characters in this novel are so real that you feel as if you can reach out and touch them, as if you know them, and in fact you do, as these are the characters from your very deepest and worst nightmares, these are the characters that have you waking up and screaming at night. This book will not only have you thinking about the darkest side of our societies it will make you realise how lucky you are not to be part of this nether world where murder, rape, drugs, slavery, abuse, torture, and death are with you every single day of your miserable existence.  If you want a murder mystery that keeps you guessing every step of the way, as Jake Corey takes you down into his own personal experience of hell on earth then there is “no better read” than ‘Devil’s Orphans’ though this book is not for the faint-hearted. A definite 5*s - no question!”  (Tom)

“Great read, highly recommended. Ester and her prodigy James make a fantastic team. This exciting story has a surprising end that opens up for a sequel.” (Bykatt)

“A great book! The author captured my attention from the first page, the book is so full of action I could not put it down. There are no superfluous words, one has to read all to follow the plot and storyline. Plenty of action with a couple of juicy sex scenes. I thoroughly recommend it as a compelling read. I shall certainly be looking for the next book by Jake Cory.” (Pete)

“If like me you are not a great reader then you need a good book to re-kindle your reading pleasure and this is such a book. Exciting from the first page and once started you don’t want to put it down. A classic story in which the good guys use bad guy tactics to overcome tremendous odds. Definitely a must read.” (Jeepster)

‘Devil’s Orphans’ is available in EBook and Paperback.

International Readers: http://www.amazon.com/Devils-Orphans-Ester-Gray-Thriller-ebook/dp/B005HAS4FG


UK Readers: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Devils-Orphans-Ester-Gray-Thriller-ebook/dp/B005HAS4FG

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