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A‘The Tale Spinners’ open the door and give life to an eclectic collection of short stories with characters impatient to be born. The stories, based on themes from different parts of the world, will make you smile, shed a tear and chew on the gristle of life. ‘The First Signpost’ is filled with heart-warming, serious and humorous characters and stories with dreams and reality, honesty and trickery. The characters are courageous, cowards, royalty as well as down to earth normal people.

‘The First Signpost’ tells of the innocence of childhood and the wisdom of adulthood. The three authors will take young and the not so young on voyages of discovery. They may even inspire fellow amateur writers to put pen to paper. This is an ideal gift for the whole family! We give all money from sales to a children’s charity.

We hope you enjoy our book as much as we enjoyed writing it!

We are ‘The Tale Spinners’ and this is our first short story book.



Jake Corey * Linda Nash * Vesla Small

Signposts is available in EBook and Paperback

International Readers: http://www.amazon.com/Signposts-Corey-Nash-Small/dp/1517053455


UK Readers: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Signposts-Corey-Nash-Small/dp/1517053455

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