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Emma is a Riches to Rags Female Serial Killer!

Sins of the Father’ is a Riches to Rags to Riches, female serial killer, thriller .  Emma, the main character, is the daughter of English aristocracy and the granddaughter of ‘Jack the Ripper’.  After an affair with a Catholic Cardinal and an unwanted pregnancy, she marries a miner in a Nottinghamshire town.  In the late 1960s she resumes her affair with the excommunicated Cardinal.  The latter is killed by her miner husband and at the point of death forms a pact with the devil.

Emma and her former lover are not separated by death.  Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, Emma’s great pleasure is also her compulsion for killing, but Emma has help from her dead lover.  She isn’t crazy, she isn’t even particularly evil and she can be quite compassionate.  Emma and her dead lover are particular about who they kill and they always enjoy it; the blood, the pain, the fear, right down to the final twitch.  Unexpected revelations, however, give even Emma pause for thought.  The terrible price becomes clearer, but there’s no way back.  But they are part of a bigger plan, a plan involving ‘The Brotherhood’ and secrets that the Catholic Church has tried to hide for decades.

This is not a book for the faint-hearted.  If you think that resentment, anger and hostilities can all be resolved over a cup of tea, stop reading now.  You will probably not warm to, or empathise with, Emma, or indeed with any of the characters in this book but you will read to the end and wish that it could continue. It’s all here; love, lust, human frailty, jealousy, hatred, aggression, compassion, forbidden truths and forbidden fruit.

Sins of The Father

‘Sins of The Father’ is available in EBook

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